Last Minute Teachers Gifts, Anyone? 

It’s about 3 weeks until the end of term here (I think? I am actually hiding from the calendar, because I’m not sure how I will work throughout the summer holidays). I have left it very late to start a teachers gift, but last night I suddenly decided on a knitted cowl for playground duty….

Summer Projects!

As I write this, it is pissing with rain outside. But it’s still light at 7pm, so summer is kind of on it’s way! Someone in a knitting group today asked the question I’ve seen asked a lot, “What do you make for/in summer?”. I’m not really a seasonal crafter inasmuch as I don’t really consider what…

Free Friday #2

It’s that time of the week again! And look at me, doing two weeks in a row! Are you proud? General chit chat first! This week I have been mostly loving socks on Ravelry, which shows on my Pinterest. I found some gorgeous patterns with really inventive pretty heels. Speaking of socks, I have been working…

Slioche Socks knitting pattern!

As long as you can knit, and you are willing to learn, you can do this. It’s very simple brioche stitches, no brioche increases or decreases. And a great way to learn brioche.

Free Friday!

I thought I would introduce the odd blog for free patterns, titled “Free Friday”. I won’t lie to you and say that it will definitely be a weekly thing. Let’s face it, I’m really not that good at the regular upkeep of this blog, but I am trying! It may be sporadic, but it will…