Hello! I am a UK based independent yarn dyer. I dye unique and brightly coloured yarns, and create themed yarn clubs. I take a lot of custom orders and am always up for a challenge (but I don’t currently dye stripes. Ain’t nobody got time for stripes!)

I watch a huge amount of television, seriously, you would be disgusted! And some of that will filter into my writing. I am a bit of a TV geek. I also LOVE Studio Ghibli films, my favourite is Spirited Away.

I am a mummy, so there may be some posts about that in this blog. But I try to keep my daughter separate from my internet/business accounts.

You may also see the odd post about me personally. Including my mental health, and post about my mum. Whilst I am incredibly fortunate that I don’t suffer too badly with MH issues, I do have anxiety issues and sometimes I need to talk about it here. This has mainly come about since the death of my wonderful mummy. Some of you will know that I lost my mum to cancer in December 2015, and that’s pretty much the biggest thing to ever happen to me. She was a young 64, and anyone who knew her would say that she was incredibly unique (I know everyone says that about their mum, but I am telling the truth!). Anyway, yes, I will most likely talk about her at some point too.

So, whilst this is technically my “business blog”, it may sometimes be a chance to see a more personal side of me. I always think that blogs are quite self serving things! Putting your opinions, feelings and work out there for everyone to look at and think how wonderful it is! But there we go, I am self serving, ha!

You can find me here:

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