Recent Bits And Bobs!

Hey!  It’s been a while since my last blog. No excuse, I’m just a bad blogger!  

So what have I been up to lately?  Well,  I’ve been designing! I spent a long time secretly working away on a scarf pattern. I didn’t mention it, because whenever I do say these things publicly; I never get round to finishing.  But I did it!  My first ever paid pattern, The Backslash Scarf, is available for download from Ravelry and my Etsy store. 

Speaking of my Etsy,  it’s almost totally bare. I think I’ve got 2 skeins of yarn left. It’s unlikely to be restocked until new year now,  because I’m working non stop for the next month and a half. Although I may be adding some ready dyed thrumming kits if I can squeeze them in. 

So December looks pretty manic. I’ve got Lurid Minis as usual, as well as December Epic Nature (which is Coral Reef flavoured!),  and the usual Christmas delight which is Year In Review.  On top of that, I have a custom dye for advent yarn to do (not something I do, but I was asked by a very lovely friend, so I figured that one won’t hurt).  

Now moving onto new year, I have plans for something called Ready Boxes.  These will be ready to ship yarn boxes for sale on my Etsy. There will be no waiting, no invoicing, and you even have the option to peek before you buy.  They’re likely to be coming by the end of January.  

Next year’s yarn clubs are undecided.  I will be continuing with Lurid Minis. But I’m still umming and ahhing about next year’s yarn club theme. Epic Nature has been a massive success,  my biggest yarn club yet. But I’m not sure if I can get much more out of it. I need to hurry up and decide, since it’s almost halfway through November already! 

And a note about Lurid Minis, I will be doing a reveal blog for the first month at some point (late,  I know!).  Lurid Minis reveal blogs will be every 3 months, not every month, because some people only get one mini and some get 3. 

I think that might be about everything I need to tell you!  Other than this: please go and buy my knitting pattern! 

I’ll be back before Christmas.  

(Also, my lovely friend met Stephen West and she showed him the shawl she made from my Fire Rainbows yarn! He touched my yarn. Super excited!!)


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