My Week! Adventures In Solar Dyeing and An Etsy Update!

This week has been a scorcher, and with the sun comes a valuable heat source which a lot of dyers look forward to! When dyeing protein fibres, one of the elements needed is heat, and utilising the sun is a massive time saver!
I almost exclusively kettle dye my yarn. With a 4 ring gas stove and fish kettles which take up 2 of those rings each, you can imagine how time consuming my dyeing can be. Some dye colours can take well over an hour to exhaust. And whilst that is happening, I can’t put more yarn on the stove to dye. This is where the sun is a great novelty to us dyers!

So I gathered all the glass jars I could find and filled them with yarn and dye, then left them in the garden to cook. The results are almost always totally one of a kind, and unpredictable, but beautiful!

These skeins are all available in my Etsy shop, along with some repeatable colourways.

Amongst the latest Etsy update is Electric Boogaloo. This colourway was originally created for a customer (and someone I consider a friend!) to knit a pair of socks. It was originally dyed on DK merino/silk, which gave a lovely sheen. I loved it so much that I dyed more this week! It is predominantly grey, with neon flashes. It works up with very short areas (maybe 3 or 4 knit stitches) of neon on a backdrop of silver grey. And it can be dyed on other bases.

As for latest WIPs, sadly I have lost a lot of my knit-jo and cro-jo the last few weeks. Nothing is really “doing it” for me. It might be the hot weather? But I did start this granny stripe blanket from my DK hand dyed stash. There’s a lot of my own yarn, as well as yarn from Defarge Yarns.  I’ve been working on this occasionally and watching Mad Men, which I have held off watching for so long. I am well into season 2 now and really enjoying it.


Well that’s pretty much what I have been up to this week. Not overly exciting, unless you have money to spend on yarn! I hope you’ve enjoyed the warmer weather! Adios!


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