Yarn Club reveal: Fire Rainbows!

Yes, sorry, this has taken a really long time to post! I had one customer who had issues receiving hers, but she’s got it now! Woohooo!!

I didn’t actually get many photos, I’m really sorry! It was such a massive yarn club and I needed to get it out as quick as possible, so I only got a couple of (bad) snaps of the yarn and none of the extras I’m afraid.

So, the second instalment of my quarterly Epic Nature yarn club was “Fire Rainbows” or “Circumhorizontal arcs”. Not technically rainbows, they are a refraction of light on ice crystals.

I didn’t want to go with a standard 7 colour rainbow, I thought that was predictable and I have already done that last year with “Mork’s Braces” in the Mork & Mindy yarn club. So I went for a more broken up rainbow and included pink and a dark grey (shock horror, some rainbow purists may think me a monster!).
The yarn was called “Refraction” and it was a large amount of dark blue, with rainbow colours (plus the extra colours!) and large amounts of cream/bare yarn.


The extras were rainbow fudge from Iced N Sliced on Etsy. This was so delicious!! And the seller was happy to post out on the date I specified because of the perishable nature of the fudge. I couldn’t be happier with it and I highly recommend them as a seller. (Photo stolen from their Etsy!)

Photo credit to Iced N Sliced (see link)

Also in the packages was a packet of rainbow carrot seeds. I thought this was both useful and pretty cool. I haven’t planted mine yet, I believe now is a good time to do it though! If anyone plants theirs and gets carrots out of them, please let me know!!
And there was also a scratch art card. You know those bits of coated black card where you scratch the black off to reveal a rainbow underneath? That!! How many people allowed their kids to do it? And how many people did it themselves? If you’ve created a masterpiece, don’t forget to show me!!

Here’s one I made earlier!!

So, I hope you enjoyed your Fire Rainbows yarn club?
The next one is due out in August, and the theme is “Sea Sparkle” or “Bioluminescent Plankton”. It’s currently at full capacity, but if you would like to be put on a list in case any spares come up, just pop me a message on Facebook.
I have also revamped my One Skein Wonder yarn club, it will now be One Sin Wonder!! This is because we have 7 months left in the year, so I themed it around the 7 deadly sins! Each month you will receive a unique skein which is themed around that month’s sin. June’s theme is Gluttony, so there will be food related yarn going out at the end of this week. There is plenty of room in this yarn club, so if you would like to sign up just follow this link.
And finally, I have launched my Lurid Minis club, which starts in July, and it comes with a competition attached!! Pop over to THIS blog post for more information.

Coming later in the week will be a WIP blog post about what I’ve been making lately. X


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