Lurid Mini’s club with prizes!

The reaction to my new monthly minis club has been fantastic! I can’t believe I haven’t done a minis club before.

For those who haven’t seen my Facebook post: Lurid Minis is all about being disgustingly loud and bright! Expect neons, speckles, rainbows, variegated and contrasting solids. We refuse to be mild!! To sign up, and for more info, click here.

It was suggested to me that we do a prize for best make using the minis, and I am well up for that! But since it is a long yarn club, I will give small monthly prizes to my favourite makes, starting from November (which will give you time to start on something!)

The prizes will vary, but I am thinking edibles, or an extra mini in your next package, or little bits like buttons, and maybe a discount code for my Etsy. But in June 2018 I will give away the big prize! A custom yarn box with 100g and little extras, to a theme of your choosing! I know it’s a whole year away, but it’s an incentive to keep going with a long project!

You can enter by tagging me in your Lurid Mini WIP pictures on Instagram, or posting on my Facebook wall. If you don’t use either of those, you can email me at

So, who is with me? I think I might join in myself!!

The terms are:
Each WIP entry must be made using my Lurid Minis yarn, you may use other people’s yarn in the project but it must contain my minis too.
Each month a winner will be chosen for a small prize of my choosing.
Monthly prizes start in November 2017.
Final prize will be chosen in June 2018.
You must enter via the methods listed above.
You give me permission to publicly share your WIP pictures, unless discussed with me (that is, I will automatically assume that it is OK to share your WIP picture, unless you state otherwise).
I reserve the right to withdraw the giveaway at any point (but I probably won’t! Just covering my back in case I need to pull out for “life reasons!”).


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