Quick catch up!! 

If you don’t follow my Instagram, here’s a catch up of what I’ve been up to in the last week or so. I’ve been pretty multicraftual.

So I ran out of citric acid. It was a nightmare. The only vinegar they sell in the village is that brown stuff you put on your chips. And whilst I’ve been reliably informed that it’s fine to use, the thought of putting it on my yarn was a little bit much!!  I found some lemon juice in the cupboard, so I used that and made an Amazon order. I’ve got Prime, so it should have arrived next day, but it was delayed. Anyway, lemon juice. I hadn’t dyed for a while, because of the Easter holidays, and I was getting itchy. I had a skein of lovely singles from Dye Candy and wanted to dye something to go with it. So the citric acid had to do!! It turned out quite well! 

The lemon juice yarn!

I also had knitters block this week. You know when you know you need to do something, but you don’t really fancy any of your WIPs or anything on Rav. So I picked up my drop spindle.

I don’t spin often, and I’m not very good at it. So I had some silky fibre on my spindle from a really long time ago, and I decided to just ply what I had done already.  I used some undyed alpaca yarn to ply it. 

The finished article!

I really enjoyed spinning this yarn. It’s not the first time I’ve done it, but it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed it. So I think I might need to spin more often. I have quite a growing stash of hand spun yarn (other people’s!). So I think I may continue to grow the stash and maybe make a higgledy-piggledy blanket with it.

With that in mind, I decided that I needed more fibre to spin, so I dug deep in my drawers and found some undyed merino. I know it’s merino. I don’t know if it’s superwash or not!  But I didn’t felt it, so that’s a win!  The colours are lovely and vibrant, so I’m going with superwash. 

Gorgeous dyed merino fibre

The green got a bit muddy with the orange, but the beauty of spinning is that it’s easy to pick out the bits that went a bit bad!! 

It’s also been Easter holidays, meaning I’ve had a child to entertain. We’ve been out and about around the village and noticed a lot of those black/deep purple tulips. I Googled it, they’re called Queen Of Night tulips. My daughter commented on how lovely they are and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

When my citric acid finally arrived yesterday, I grabbed the nearest dye I could find, because I was desperate to dye something, anything! That dye turned out to be the perfect tulip colour, so I took it as a sign and worked with it. The results are stunning. 

Queen Of Night Tulip yarn

Now, I’m not one to keep my own yarn that often. I say I will, but my need for food and money usually overrides the desire to keep the pretty yarn! But I’m afraid this one is definitely mine. I have sock plans (which will likely change, because I’m fickle!).  But I will be dyeing more. When I get the time. 

Which brings me onto the coming week. Small person goes back to school tomorrow and I am cracking on with April’s Epic Nature yarn club. This is, by far, the biggest yarn club I have had to dye. I was so incredibly overwhelmed and daunted by the thought of it. But I’m not one to turn down a challenge. It’s not in the hundreds!! But it’s pretty hefty for me. So I’ll be dyeing that pretty much all week, with a view to post at the end of the week. 

The Epic Nature yarn club is quarterly, so the next one will be in August. I will be announcing the theme once this one has gone out (January was Northern Lights, April is Fire Rainbows). A little clue for August’s theme is that it glows! I need to check my numbers and decide whether I’ll be opening it up for fresh sign ups. 

I feel like I’m going from strength to strength when it comes to workload. Last year was a hard year for me, it was the first year without my mum and I suffer from anxiety. I’m not over that, by any stretch, but my business has grown pretty quickly in the last year and the extra work is starting to become more manageable. This time last year I would have cried myself to sleep at the thought of a large yarn club. So anyway, I think I’ve got this. And if I cope well this week, then I may consider increasing numbers slightly for August (that’s if people want it!!).  

Blah blah blah, thank you for reading my general rubbish!! Here’s a picture I found of myself from about 4 years ago. Have a good evening /day /thing. 


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