Summer Projects!

As I write this, it is pissing with rain outside. But it’s still light at 7pm, so summer is kind of on it’s way! Someone in a knitting group today asked the question I’ve seen asked a lot, “What do you make for/in summer?”.
I’m not really a seasonal crafter inasmuch as I don’t really consider what the weather is like before choosing a project. But I do understand the question. I obviously don’t make hefty neck-wear and gloves in August. But I will happily make shawls and woolly socks. It’s spring now and I am still working on a long sleeved sweater and a pair of warm socks.

Obviously, there are projects you can work on during warmer months which aren’t worn on your body. Cushions, soft toys, homeware, etc. But I thought I would put together some wearable ideas and patterns from Rav.

Before I start though, lets talk about yarn. Wool is actually fine for warmer weather. If you knit or crochet it in a loose way, it will actually be really breathable. Wool is magic because it absorbs and evaporates moisture (and those who use wool with nappies will know that!). Just don’t go using super chunky in a densely knit jumper and you’re good!
This brings me on to the 50/50 merino/cotton sock which is reasonably new to my supplier, and quite a few dyers now stock it (see my featured photo above!). I have some on my Etsy and can dye more on request. Because of the cotton content, it dyes up lighter in colour than 100% protein fibres (dyeing plant fibre is a different process to dyeing protein fibre), which I think is really nice.
There is also some gorgeous cotton and linen out there. In both mass produced and hand dyed.

So I will stop talking now, here’s the patterns.

Summer Happy Fun Dress

Knit sun dress by Jade Fletcher, from age 1 to 10.

Image credit to Jade Fletcher

Beachy Babe Halter Top

Crochet top by Michelle Ferguson from children’s extra small size, to adults large (I am totally making this!)

Image credit to Michelle Ferguson

Plethora Shawl

Knit shawl by Chrissy Crandall

Image credit to Chrissy Crandall

Cancun Boxy Lace Top

Knit T-shirt by Erin Kate Archer, one size

Image credit Erin Kate Archer

Convergence Top

Crochet top by Linda Skuja, up to bust size 46″

Image credit Linda Skuja

Getting Ziggy Shawl

Crochet shawl by Sandra Paul

Image credit Sandra Paul

Coachella Top

Knit pattern by Fathom Harvill
Image credit Fathom Harvill

Watermelon Slice Socks

Knit socks by Wendy Gaal (You can’t really get more summery than watermelon!)

Image credit Wendy Gaal

Picotty Socks

Crochet socks by Akemi Takahashi

Image credit Akemi Takahashi

Crocheted Top With Bare Back

Crochet bikini/top by Drops Designs

Image credit Drops Designs

Zoe Beach Shorts

Knit shorts pattern by Andrea Rangel (I wish I had the bum for these!)

Image credit Andrea Rangel

So, in short, your summer wardrobe can pretty much be entirely knit or crochet!
I have deliberately left out a couple of things. Firstly, those flip flop socks….nope. Just…Why would you!? And secondly, those weird crochet barefoot sandal things. You know the ones that are basically just jewellery for your feet? Nah, I really don’t see the point!

I hope some of these gave you some inspiration! Let me know if you try any of them!


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