What a week!!

No, this isn’t a Free Friday blog post, but I may do one of those this evening!

I’ve had a super busy week, because the Easter holidays start next week. Having a small person around is like shoveling snow in a blizzard! So dyeing will be limited for two weeks. With that in mind, I’ve whizzed through a few kilos of yarn dyeing this week.

Included in this week’s dyeing was 5 skeins of BFL. This was kindly donated to me (and 4 other dyers) by our supplier at Chester Wool, for us to dye and raise money in memory of the police officer killed in the Westminster attack. Lisa at For The Love Of Yarn is organising.

BFL Charity Donation

I’ve also been knitting away at my Ravello sweater! I put it down for ages because it got to the boring bit, where you just go round and round and round. But I started watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix this week and needed something like that so that I could give the show my full attention. It was awesome!!  If you have Netflix, I suggest that you put it on your watchlist. Back to the pattern though,  it’s actually super easy for a “reasonable”  knitter. It’s my first go at adult clothing and I have had very few issues understanding the pattern.

Ravello WIP

I’ve also been dyeing up a storm. Inspired by my Mums Are Like Dads But Smarter colourway from mother’s day.  I had so many people ask if I could dye more, so I did, and then some. I took my idea and ran with it, dyeing a few different colourways, which are now available on my Etsy. My favourite is the Pewter Sky colourway.

Dark Mother Funker
Pewter Sky
Radioactivity Detected

Oh!  I also got new labels!!  They are very tiny. I love them, but I think I overestimated the size and may need to get something bigger. I’ll see how I feel after using them a few times!

I think that’s about all I’ve got today. I’m pretty tired this week. Let’s hope the Easter holidays bring some decent rest!  I’ll be popping a discount code on Etsy for Easter weekend, keep them peeled!


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