Free Friday #2

It’s that time of the week again! And look at me, doing two weeks in a row! Are you proud?

General chit chat first!

This week I have been mostly loving socks on Ravelry, which shows on my Pinterest. I found some gorgeous patterns with really inventive pretty heels.
Speaking of socks, I have been working away at my Slioche sock pattern (slouchy brioche socks). I had to frog right back to the beginning because after turning the heel it just wasn’t working and I also wanted to add a cuff. Anyway, I am now back down to the heel, so I am hoping that it might be ready by next week. Since it’s going to be a free blog pattern, I won’t be asking for testers, but I will need as much honest pattern feedback as possible!

I have also been up to my eyes with custom dyes this month. One of which is an exclusive colourway dyed for Knackered Psycho, when she exhibits at Wool@J13 in May. If you are local to Staffordshire, make sure you pop along.

Now for the patterns!! Lets start with knit this week!

Outing Shawl

This was added to Ravelry yesterday! So it’s very fresh! It’s perfect for mini skeins mixed with a full skein. And it looks like a lovely simple colourwork pattern too. The pattern was created by Irene Lin, who also has some super cute kids clothes patterns.

Image credit to Irene Lin

Crescendo! socks.

Here is one of the sock patterns I was talking about above, with the detailed heel. I blinking love them! I imagine there is probably some swearing involved in making these, but the result is worth it!
Pattern by Laura Jenkins, who has some gorgeous sock patterns on her Rav, go take a look.

Image credit to Laura Jenkins

Chelsea Cape

Pretty similar to the crochet Granny Cocoon Shrug from last week, this is a great spring cover up and I can see myself wearing it around the house in my pyjamas!
The pattern is by Alexandra Tavel of Two Wands, who also has some crochet patterns! Her website looks stuffed full of goodies (click on her name), so I am going back to have a look around later!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Image credit to Alexandra Tavel

Summer Commitment Bag

I am a little dubious about a knitted bag, I imagine it might be a little stretchy, BUT I love this and still want to try it! Maybe use feltable yarn and bung it in the washing machine (there would be shrinkage though), or use cotton?
The pattern is by Espace Tricot, and you will find loads of gorgeous free knitting patterns on their Rav. Another favourite is Fancy Zebra.

Image credit to Espace Tricot

Woven Lines Cowl

I love the woven look in knitting, mainly because I can’t afford a loom to weave with!
This screams “alpaca” at me. I can just see it in natural grey alpaca (the soft stuff, not the itchy stuff!), with a colour pop.
Pattern by Aimee Sulser of Little Fox Yarns. She has some gorgeous solid colours on her website, as well as other patterns.

Image credit to Aimee Sulser

OK, on to crochet patterns!

Egg Face Scrubbies!

Ahhhh! These are so cute!!! Perfect for cotton bits and bobs that you might have in your scrap stash. I love using hand made face cloths and scrubbies.
The pattern is by Kim Denne, who has some really quirky patterns on her Rav!

Image credit to Kim Denne

Asymmetrical Necklace

Now for something completely different! One advantage to crochet, which you don’t find as often in knitting, is that it is perfect for jewellery! This necklace would make a fab gift, or a quick make to match an outfit for an event.
The pattern is by Romy Hagelstein of Modeno Crochet Jewelry. She has loads of cute crochet jewellery patterns, and they come in quite a few languages too!

Image credit to Romy Hagelstein

Marruecos Infinity Cowl

Loving this bobbly stitch with high contrast colours. It almost makes me sad that the weather is warming up in the UK.
Pattern is by Sheepuycolors, who also has knit patterns.

Image credit to Sheepuycolors

Coachella Boots

I love that these can be slouched, or pulled up. They can be worn in summer, because of the lace, or they can be used as slippers inside. Pretty versatile! And all you need to use for the sole is an old pair of flip flops!
Pattern by Jess Coppom at Make And Do Crew.

Image credit to Jess Coppom

In Bloom Cushion

Another pattern from Mijo Crochet (the person behind last weeks Lost In Time shawl pattern). This was originally done as a CAL, but I am pretty sure it’s finished now. But looking at the website, I think you can follow it by downloading week by week. The black and bright cushion caught my eye, as I am really into high contrast colours.
Pattern by Johanna Lindahl at Mijo Crochet. Fast becoming one of my favourite crochet designers.

Image credit to Mijo Crochet

That’s all for this week! I hope I have shown you something inspiring! Let me know your favourites!


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