Mother’s Day Yarn Club Reveal

Hello! I hope you all had an excellent mother’s day? It’s time to reveal what people got in their mother’s day yarn packages!!

I went into this thinking “Urgh, not another flowery mother’s day!”. This time of year is generally very pastel and washed out. Spring brings Easter and duckling yellows, light pinks and powder blue. Really not my thing. So I wanted to bring something a little more funky, but still with a feminine touch.

So lets start with the yarn. This was dyed on various bases, but the standard was merino/nylon and the luxury was MCN high twist. The name was “Mums are like dads, but smarter”, which I thought was quite amusing! I chose a dark blue-grey for the dominant colour, with speckles of neon pink, yellow and aqua (also creating oranges and purples where the colours blended on some skeins). I have kept one skein for myself and I will be using it in a pair of socks, I will probably post many updates on IG and FB!

The extras were a pencil stamped with “I am awesome”, these were bought from Easily Suede on Etsy, if you want to see what else they do! Also a hand made soap. These looked much brighter in the picture, but they are still lovely and I have one myself which I am currently using at my bathroom sink.
And my favourite extra this month is a wooden cross stitch pendant, with hand dyed embroidery thread. I dyed 6 different colours of the 100% cotton thread, and everyone got between 80cm-100cm of each colour, so there is close to 6 metres of thread. Plenty to be playing with. You can use all the colours, or just one or two. You don’t even need to use them if you have your own. It might even be nice to use some scrap yarn! Use your creativity, and please show me what you come up with! I also have one of these, so I will post an update once it’s done.

I hope these were well received and loved! The yarn is easily my favourite yarn from a yarn club to date, and there will be some dyed up for my Etsy shop soon, for those who missed out.



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