Free Friday!

I thought I would introduce the odd blog for free patterns, titled “Free Friday”. I won’t lie to you and say that it will definitely be a weekly thing. Let’s face it, I’m really not that good at the regular upkeep of this blog, but I am trying! It may be sporadic, but it will always be on a Friday!

I do have a Pinterest board for free patterns (like I have a Pinterest board for pretty much everything!), but I tend to neglect that board.
I know you could go through Ravelry yourself, and easily hit the “free” box in the search function. But why sift through Rav when I am happy to do it for you? And honestly, I do enjoy doing it!

So here are my top picks this week, in both knit and crochet.

Crochet (because it comes first in the alphabet!)

Lost In Time Shawl

This has been in the top crochet patterns on Rav for a while, so you have possibly seen it already. But the more I look at it, the more I like it. I am really not one for all the dangly bits on shawls and clothing. But I like this. The pattern is by Johanna Lindahl at Mijo Crochet (link to her blog where there is loads of loveliness).

Image credit to Mijo Crochet

Dumpling Kitty

I love amigurumi! And I thought these would be a lovely Easter gift for your small people. It’s gone on my list of gifts to make. Just a preference, but I like to use cotton for my amigurumi as it doesn’t stretch and it gives a firm finish.
The pattern is by Sarah Sloyer and she has loads of cute amigurumi, including a sloth!!


Image credit to Sarah Sloyer

Granny Cocoon Shrug

I am really into making my own wardrobe at the moment, or at least the idea of making my own wardrobe! This cardigan/shrug looks like it would cover my wobbly bits, but still be relatively cool enough to wear in spring. And it’s massive!!
Pattern is by Maria Valles (link to her website), she appears to make a lot of clothing, and she has a blog and a shop.

Image credit to Maria Valles

#NAPS Blanket

This made me chuckle. Most parents know the struggle, I don’t even need to explain!
Pattern is by  Caron, I’m assuming it’s the Caron! A perfect use for your Caron Simply Soft.

Image credit to Caron Design Team

Wildlings Socks

Crochet socks have been pretty big in the Facebook crochet groups I am a part of. I prefer the feel of knitted socks, but I love the look of lacey crochet socks.
Pattern is by ACCrochet, and she has quite a few lovely sock patterns.

Image credit to ACCrochet

Knit patterns!

Sock Monkey Socks

I love sock monkeys!! And I love that the colours in these are so obviously meant to be sock monkey colours. The pattern is for aran weight, so they will be warm and quick to make.
The pattern is by Joan Janes, she has plenty of other patterns including thrummed mittens.

Image credit to Joan Janes

Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers

Star Warrrrssssss!!!!! Everyone loves Star Wars, right? Actually, I recently found out that there are people out there who have never seen it. Honestly! No, I couldn’t believe it either. (Actually, I’ve only ever seen about 10 minutes of one Harry Potter film, but don’t tell anyone).
Pattern is by Ellen B Wright, and she also has a lovely website with photography and a bit of a blog.

Image credit to Ellen B Wright

Call Them Cherry Blossoms Socks

Ok, another pair of socks. But Oooosh!!! Look at them!!! And It’s free!!  If you have the skill and knowledge to make these, DO IT! One of my new years knit resolutions was to do some colourwork. And this may well be the pattern.
Pattern by the awesome Tiina Kuu. Go take a look at the rest of her patterns, especially the Villiviini Socks (also free!). Honestly stunning.

Image credit to Tiina Kuu

Head In The Clouds Pillow

Eeeeeeeee!!!! These are the cutest. I want 10 of them in my living room, in varying sizes. But I would use merino, I don’t like that fuzzy yarn.
Pattern by Bernat Studios, the yarn people. They used their own fuzzy yarn, if you wish to use it.

Image credit to Bernat Studios

Sarakatsana Shawl

This pattern needs to go straight to the top of your project queue, because it is only free until April 15th (obviously, I’m happy to pay! But for the purpose of this blog, it’s free for a limited time). I love the patterns on this shawl, it is simply stunning!
Pattern by Maria Zilakou, and she is an incredible designer.

Image credit to Maria Zilakou

That’s it for this week. If you find anything you love in the meantime, let me know! Or if you are a designer and have a free pattern that you think I would like, pop me a link! The more, the merrier! Have a fab weekend!


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