Yarn Club Reveals; Jan & Feb

So to recap, January yarn club was the quarterly  Epic Nature club, themed around Northern Lights. February was Valentines, so I did a Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet theme.

Starting with Northern Lights then! The yarn was, as always, superwash merino/nylon sock (unless specifically requested otherwise). It was named Aurora Borealis, obviously! And it was dark grey (some turned out black as I was heavy handed with the dye!), with pink, yellow, blue, green and purple.
The extras were; one of those marbled balloons, I thought it was pretty cool and I thought the swirly colours depicted the Northern Lights pretty well. Also, a set of beautiful hand made buttons from Cross Craft Creations, which were made to complement the yarn. And a packet of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen; Mystical Fire! You pop the contents into an open fire or bonfire and the result is beautiful and brightly coloured flames, which dance around like the Northern Lights!



On to February! I’ve never been one for red roses and flowers (I do like chocolate though!). And after 2 years as a dyer, this was actually my first ever Valentines yarn club! I chose Romeo & Juliet because I love the story. But to give it a bit of edge, I decided to theme it around the Baz Luhrmann film adaptation. I was and still am a massive fan of this film, and of course I was happy to rewatch it!
The extras were a catholic saints themed wooden bracelet, because there are serious catholic themes running throughout the film. You know the tacky ones you get on holiday in Spain? Love those! I thought it may be a little risky, since not everyone is religious (I’m not), but they also have kitsch value. I also sought out the CD soundtrack to the film! It was not easy to get brand new copies in bulk numbers, but I managed it in the end! This, unfortunately meant that I didn’t get to keep a copy for myself (boohoooo!!!).
The yarn was a half and half (in various merino weights), with half black and half red, yellow and blue speckles. It was named Civil Blood, from the line “Civil blood makes civil hands unclean”. The colours depicted the two warring houses, Montague and Capulet. (Apologies for the horrendous photos!)

I really hope the clubs were well received! If you would like to sign up to future clubs, including Epic Nature and One Skein Wonder, pop over to my Facebook.


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  1. Saba Mahmood says:

    I absolutely *loved* both of these, epic nature is likely to become a “yarn pet” but I think the Romeo & Juliet “Civil Blood” may be earmarked to join a few other skeins from you for a “find your fade”. I think! 🙂


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