First post of 2017!!

Hello lovelies, I hope the year has been reasonably kind to you so far? I thought I’d write a blog about nothing specific,  just general ramblings and info.

So, let’s kick off with new years resolutions (some of you recoil in horror, I know it’s no longer cool to have them!). Anyway, this year I’m thinking about what I’d like to do with regards to knitting skills. I’m bistitchual, but I feel like I’ve accomplished pretty much everything I can with crochet and want to concentrate on knitting. And my main aim is to master brioche.

Some of you probably took part in the West Knits Building Blocks KAL? Well I did too, and in that shawl was a small amount of brioche,  which was enough to wet my appetite. Any pattern suggestions are most welcome.  Speaking of Building Blocks,  I finally got mine finished!

I don’t hate it (I freely admit to hating The Doodler!), but it’s not amazing. I love my colour choices though, and I have plenty of yarn left for other bits and bobs.

Speaking of WIPs, the weather has turned really cold, so I’m currently working on an ear warmer thingy for the small person. I’m finally using my own dyed merino/silk/alpaca in Dance Your Cares Away, and it’s stunning!


Next up,  I wanted to talk a bit about what I’m going to be doing this year. Last year I started to feel a bit like yarn club was taking over my life and my work, and whilst I enjoy it, it’s not why I started doing this.  I also realise that when you sign up for a years worth of clubs, that’s major stash overload!!  So I’m doing a quarterly yarn club (Epic Nature), with seasonal one of boxes sprinkled throughout the year. But I’m still doing One Skein Wonder on a monthly basis.

I feel the need to expand my stock and do more “free dyeing”, which is what makes me happy. It is harder work in many ways, but it’s what I’m better at.

With this in mind, I have dyed a new range called Half & Half. My half solid /half speckled skeins have been popular in the past, and I love dyeing them; so I’ve stocked up on a few, which will be going on Etsy this weekend.

Last of all,  valentine’s yarn club. For those of you who haven’t seen, the theme is Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet. I have closed the sign up sheet, but there is still an open listing on Etsy for you to purchase up front.

Thank you for reading my ramblings!  Have a lovely weekend.  X


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