Yarn Club Reveal: Year In Review.

My end of year/Christmas yarn box theme was 2016; A Year In Review. I hope to do this theme for Christmas every year from now on.

So lets get started! The box contained the following thing:

  • An eyeball. This is Glenn’s eye! October saw the premiere of The Walking Dead season 7. Episode 1 contained hideously graphic content, involving a baseball batt and Glenn’s head. I have a pretty strong stomach, but it left me feeling quite queasy!


  • A David Bowie print. The year got off to a devastating start, with the loss of one of the greatest musical artists of all time. The picture is professionally printed on high quality A5 card.


  • A Stranger Things print. The show hit Netflix this year with a bang, and the reviews were excellent. If you haven’t already watched it, I can highly recommend it.



  • A gorilla eraser. In May, a 3 year old boy climbed into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati zoo, and was grabbed by Harambe the 200kg gorilla. Harambe was euthanised by zoo keepers, for the child’s safety.The internet was instantly ablaze with strong opinions, jokes and memes. This little eraser is a reminder of Harambe.


  • A chocolate medal (unless you have dietary requirements!). Rio hosted the 2016 olympics this year, I am not a massive sport fan, but it was a pretty big deal, so I had to add a reminder!


  • A Paul Hollywood badge. In September this year, the production company of Great British Bake Off pulled out of their deal with the BBC, and signed a 3 year deal with Channel 4. The well loved presenters, Mel and Sue (although, I find them highly irritating!) quickly pulled out of the show, as did Mary Berry. As it currently stands, Paul has said that he is sticking with the show. I don’t know about you, but I am interested in how the new show will pan out.


  • A baulble! This isn’t just any bauble. Firstly, it was made by my own fair hands. OK, it’s hardly a masterpiece, but I am pretty proud of myself! Secondly, it contains the lyrics for the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah”. Leonard Cohen died in early November, adding to the already massive celebrity death toll of 2016.



  • Lastly, the yarn is called The Beautiful Experience, which is an EP released by Prince, and contains the song “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”. The cover for this EP inspired my colour choices. Prince died in April this year.


To those who received, I hope you enjoyed it and received at least one item which was to your taste! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and that you enjoy your new year.

A quick note about my 2017 yarn clubs! I will be running One Skein Wonder, as usual. This will be my primary monthly yarn club and you can customise it to your liking.
I will also be running and Epic Nature themed yarn club. This will be sent out quarterly. The January edition is currently full, but keep an eye on my page for updates.




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