Yarn Club: Hocus Pocus

It’s that time again; Yarn Club reveal!!
Obviously, October means Halloween! So this month’s theme was Hocus Pocus.

Starting with the yarn, I used my usual SW merino/nylon sock, but some of you asked for DK and I happily obliged. The name of the yarn was, of course, Sanderson Sisters. After re-watching the film, I thought the sister’s colours were a little dull and autumnal for my taste, so I brightened it up a bit!
The green was Winnie’s dress, the orange was both Winnie’s hair and there was also orange in Mary’s dress. The purple was Mary’s hair (and parts of her dress!). The yellow was obviously Sarah’s hair, and the pink was from parts of Sarah’s dress.


Now onto the extras! My favourite extra was the tiny cauldron stitch marker. They are so cute and I kept one for myself. Then there was a sheet of Hocus Pocus stickers (I also kept one for my small person! My house is covered in them now). And an “Advanced Spells” lined notebook. I bought out the whole Etsy shop, and wanted one for myself, so I have a “potions” one instead! I’ve been using it for my work and notes on WIPs!


I really enjoyed this yarn club, mostly because I got to watch the movie with my small person! But it was a little nerve wracking, as I wondered if the bright colours were quite right for the theme. But I couldn’t bring myself to do autumnal colours, sorry!

Here’s that little cauldron for you! I hope you loved it all!





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