Yarn Club: Mork & Mindy

It’s that time of the month where I show you what I’ve been sending out to people!

The September edition of Childhood Favourite’s was Mork & Mindy. I used to adore this programme when I was growing up, and I recently started watching it again with my small person. It’s still as funny as it was back then!


So, I will start with the extra’s first! I didn’t use any other collaborators this month! I thought long and hard about the best extras for the job and decided to go with humorous, yet functional! Everyone received a pair of Mork’s famous rainbow braces (I have a pair myself, although I may never use them!), and a notions bag/pencil case with the word “Shazbot” on it; which is a swear word used by Mork!


The yarn was the usual superwash merino/nylon sock and I simply followed the colours of Mork’s braces to create a rainbow yarn. I don’t think anyone dislikes rainbows (I hope they don’t!). The yarn was, of course, named “Mork’s Braces”!!


As always, I hope you liked your yarn club! Please be sure to stash the yarn on Ravelry and share any makes with me on my Facebook or Instagram!
October yarn club theme is Hocus Pocus! So look out for any spares that I may be posting on Facebook if you missed sign up.


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