Yarn Club: Studio Ghibli!

I finally get to reveal the long awaited Studio Ghibli collaboration between myself and Hayley at Hooklicious!

First, let me start by saying thank you so much for the lovely feedback. Both Hayley and I worked really hard (during the summer holidays!) and put a lot of thought into this. So we are really pleased that you liked it (or that you said you did! Ha!).
Studio Ghibli is something that is very close to both our hearts. My own personal favourite is Spirited away, and I have a few soot sprite and No Face items scattered around my house!


I used the soot sprites (Susuwatari) as inspiration for the yarn. It was based around the scene in Spirited Away, where Lin was feeding the soot sprites with Konpeito (Little Japanese star shaped sweets). In half black/dark charcoal colour, with yellow, pink and green. I tried to make the yarn as speckled as possible, but unfortunately some of the skeins did run or spread, and they didn’t turn out as speckled as I had hoped. But the colours were the important bit.


Hayley’s hooks (for the crocheters) were 8mm and they featured a detailed woodland scene including Totoro, Soot Sprites, Chibi, No Face, Princess Mononoke Mask, and Kiki’s red bow.
The stitch markers for knitters included a No Face, a Totoro, a Soot Sprite and a Mononoke mask.



As well as these, I included a No Face pen. These came straight from Japan! There were a few different types, including a knitting No Face (Which I tried to give to the knitters), a standard No Face and a No Face wearing a Ponyo mask (There were only a few of these, so whoever got one is lucky!).
And last, by obviously not least, there was a super cute Soot Sprite badge, made by Down The Rabbit Hole. I absolutely love DTRH jewellery, and feel privileged to have been able to include her work in our yarn box!

We do hope you liked it. Hayley and I both have one ourselves, as we couldn’t resist! I will post pictures once I have used the yarn. I am planning on using it for socks. Please don’t forget to stash your yarn on Ravelry! And if you use it, don’t forget to show me!!




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