A Pointless Interview with Lindsay!!

I’ve run out of ideas for blog posts between reveal blogs, and so I decided to ask other people some burning questions!! (OK, they’re not so burning, more like silly).

So, without any further ado, I give you Lindsay of Dye Candy fame, and her wonderfully interesting answers to my ridiculous questions!! I hope this keeps you entertained for 5 minutes!

A famous crayon company approaches you to design a new crayon, what does that look like?

Well first of all it would have to be glittery because glitter makes everything better.  I’ve learned  from having kids- flimsy crayons don’t last long, so it would also have a generous girth.  Colour-wise I think I’d go with a jade, for no other reason than most people like jade, and I’m assuming the goal is to sell lots of my amazing crayon.

Do you remember the first yarn box you ever bought? 

I do! I was very new to the dye scene and picked Devon Sun Yarns to try, as Daisy was in quite a few of the same groups I was. I received two semisolid grey sock weight skeins. I have had hundreds since then!

Do you listen to music whilst you dye?

Music is a must! I have quite an eclectic taste in music, and mostly listen to playlists. You’ll find a lot of punk and rock in my library, but also pop/metal/dance/reggae.  The only thing I cannot listen to the whole RnB/hip/rap genre.  Today whilst dyeing I was listening to Daft Punk’s ‘Human After All’ album.

If you were in a zombie apocalypse, would you still dye, knit, crochet etc?

Hell no, I’d be having too much fun!

In all seriousness though, I am a massive horror/zombie fan as you know, and I’ve thought about this more than you’d think.  No, I wouldn’t dye because I’d imagine water and electricity would be hot commodities, plus my current stash would keep me going for a good few years!  I would definitely  still knit and crochet- I reckon it would be quite boring when not dispatching the living dead.

Name one situation when you’ve thought “I’ve really cocked up here!”

Hmmmm.  There was the time I messed up someone’s sling.  I had it dyeing in my washing machine and it (the machine) broke mid-cycle! By the time I managed to get the door open it had been sitting in the dye water for over an hour and ended up all patchy.  I tried my best to salvage it but it was beyond repair.  Luckily the customer was very understanding and accepted a refund plus cost of the wrap.

Name one situation when you’ve thought “I’ve really struck gold!”

It would have to be when I hit on the idea for a My Little Pony theme.  Nobody else had done it at the time, and it really took off.  I’m now on my second run of the club and it’s my most popular.  I also do mini skein sets from time to time.

If you had to eliminate one colour from the world, what would it be?

You know I love all colours so this is going to hurt! Possibly purple, just because I find it a pain in the ass to dye!

Lastly, knit or crochet?

Both! I first taught myself to hook and for 2 years had no interest in knitting.  Then a couple of friends really got into socks so I decided to learn, and haven’t looked back! It takes a lot longer but I much prefer the look of hand dyed yarn when it’s knitted.  I do still crochet but not very often.
I hope you enjoyed reading the inner workings of Lindsay’s mind! Pop over to Lindsay’s Facebook page to check out what she’s got going on, she a busy bear, with several yarn clubs going on.

Stay tuned for more pointless interviews in future!!


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