It’s Like Christmas Every Day!

Working with something I am so passionate about (not to mention addicted to!), can be quite hard if you have absolutely no self control!! 

I couple of months ago, I dyed Radiodread on a base I affectionately refer to as “yarntestines”. I remember making a strange noise when I saw how it turned out. You know when Homer Simpson sees doughnuts and he throws his mouth open and makes a gurgling noise? That. It went into my Etsy store, and since it was the beginning of summer and the yarn is substantially chunky; it remained unsold…… Until last night…. When my self control wore a little thin and I saw the perfect pattern. 

It was like Christmas, when the presents are just sat in front of you and you’re desperate to open them, and you’ve had a shake and a rattle and it’s got to the point now where it’s all or nothing. (Yes, I’m that child who tore open a present and then instantly felt guilty. I couldn’t be trusted).

So I downloaded the pattern, removed the listing from Etsy, and caked the yarn. I felt a little pang of guilt, and vowed that I would dye more on various different bases (I might actually keep those too, I can’t guarantee anything!). But once I got the yarn on the needles, it just felt so right, like I’d opened my Christmas present and it was a big rainbow coloured unicorn made of chocolate. 

I regret nothing. 

The moral of this story….. You should really buy my yarn, because I am not very trustworthy. 


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