Yarn Club: Narnia.

Last month’s Childhood Favourites yarn club theme was Narnia. It took a long time to get out, for various reasons, but it eventually landed on doormats this week! 

So how would you like to see what people got? Of course you would! 

The yarn was superwash merino/nylon sock, as I always use in yarn clubs. The yarn name was “Lantern Waste”, which is the place in Narnia where Lucy meets Mr Tumnus. I took inspiration from various images of the Lantern Waste, which typically included snow, dark woodland, and bright yellow light from the street lamp (or lantern!). 

The main extra was a gorgeous Aslan necklace, made specially by Sour Cream And Chive. I could not be more impressed with the level of detail in these necklaces. They are just fantastic. And she also makes the most detailed and beautiful crochet hooks, so go check her out if you don’t already follow her.

The other extra was chocolate covered Turkish delight, which was a food offered by the White Witch. Obviously, the Turkish Delight in Narnia isn’t chocolate covered, but for some reason it was actually cheaper to get the chocolate stuff! And I think people are more likely to like the stuff with chocolate than the stuff with powdered sugar! 

If you received the Narnia yarn club, I really hope you liked it! And thank you for your patience! I know it was a pretty long wait! Here it is all together.


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