A few customer projects from Rav.

I love seeing what people have made with my yarn. When I am labelling the yarn, packaging it up, and posting it off to it’s new home, I often imagine what it would look like worked up and what it will become. I often don’t get to see how it turns out, as a lot of it ends up in someone’s stash and sometimes gets sold on to someone else entirely (That’s cool with me, by the way! I have some yarn in my stash that is over a year old. And I am also more than happy for you to sell my yarn on to someone more likely to use it).

Anyway, rambling! The point of this post is that I recently became a “Yarnie” on Ravelry. This simply means that a person can tell Rav that they are a dyer and they would like their yarns to be officially part of the Rav yarn database. Over the last couple of months, a few people have listed projects using my yarn and I thought I would share some with you!

Inky by Toni at Woolgasm:

Toni used a few of my yarns to knit this enormous wrap! She signs up to my yarn clubs every month, and I believe the yarns used were from Moominmama and……possibly Neverending Story. Plus a semi solid which I dyed separately. I followed her progress avidly, and was so excited by the results.
The pattern is by Susanne Sommer and is called Inky.


Artfully Simple by Becky at Oh For Hooks Sake:

Becky received a one of a kind skein from my One Skein Wonder yarn club, and she used it to hook up this gorgeous Artfully Simple scarf. I particularly love seeing my OSW yarn worked up, because they are often one off and I have trouble repeating them!
The pattern is by Tamara Kelly and is called Artfully Simple.


Trilian Shawl by Rebecca (Pixiecaticus):

I dyed a skein of BFL/Silk for Rebecca in my Hokusai colourway, which she turned into this absolutely stunning knitted shawl. The pattern has been on my To Do list for ages, but I have never got round to doing it! And the colourway is one of my favourites, I must dye some for myself one day.
The pattern is by Martina Behm and is called Trillian.


Harpangel by Caz.

The Harpangel pattern is quite dear to myself and a large group of hooker friends. The pattern was designed by Nicola of Fleabubs By Lala last year, to celebrate the life of Leo, a much loved fellow hooker who sadly lost her long battle with cancer. The loss hit our little crochet community pretty hard. But we all bought the pattern from Nicola, and she then donated the proceeds to cancer charities. The popularity of the pattern was so fantastic, and there are hundreds of people out there wearing a little piece of Leo’s memory.
Caz used my Odin yarn to make hers. I first dyed this yarn as a custom dye for someone who wanted all the bright colours! And I loved it so much that I had to dye it again and again. Caz’s scarf is beautiful, as well as meaningful.


And on that note, I will sign off. It’s my mum’s birthday today (or rather, it should be) and I have had a bit of a miserable time. But looking at everyone’s work, especially the Harp Angel, has warmed me up a bit!
I will definitely do more posts like this in future, maybe an Instagram one instead of Rav next time. I get a lot of tags on IG. Nighty night! X


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