August/September update

A little look at my August/September calendar, for those who sign up to my yarn clubs or who would like to.

August yarn clubs are:

Wizard of Oz; Full skeins are dyed, and minis will be dyed today and tomorrow. I am waiting on two extras and am hoping to post on Friday 12th, as long as the extras are here. This is currently sold out but check Facebook for any spares in the coming week.

Studio Ghibli; These will be dyed during the last week of August and posted the same week, as long as all the extras have arrived. Also sold out, but check Facebook for spares in the coming week.

One Skein Wonder; This is always open to new customers, and I will be dyeing this during the last week of the month at the latest (since it’s summer holidays, I have been trying to get it done a bit sooner so that I don’t get behind). Invoices are due by 26th August (these will be sent out today). If you prefer to buy through Etsy, then I have a listing. Follow the title link for Google form sign up.

September yarn club:

September yarn club will be Mork & Mindy themed! I am super excited about this one. Sign up is now open and payment is due by the first Friday of September (I believe that’s 2nd?), and ETA will be the second week of the month.

As always, there will also be One Skein Wonder for September, and I have no plans for a one off yarn club this month.



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