Bio kind of thing!

I don’t really have an awful lot to tell you right now, as I currently have two yarn clubs waiting to go out and I plan on posting about those once they have been received. 
But last night I was laughing with online friends about someone mixing their dyers up (OK, it wasn’t exactly hilarious or anything!). And I realised that it’s quite easily done. There are a lot of dyers out there to remember, and I don’t claim to know them all by name. Some are rather faceless, which I guess I am a little bit, although I have shared personal things with my customers in the past. Anyway, I thought I would tell you a little more about myself. I considered not going it, because it seemed a little….. Self interested… Maybe? But then I realised that that’s kind of what this blog is, so I will just carry on! 

So, to start off, I go by many names, but I’m mostly known as Rox. That’s what my Facebook says, anyway! I’m 32. I’m not married, but I do have a partner of 6 years, and a 5yo daughter. Yes, you are possibly doing some maths there and figuring that we fell pregnant very early in our relationship! In our defence, we met in Primary school and were friends for a long time before we stumbled into a relationship. I think we have known each other for around 25 years. 

Anywhooo! I am a southerner, I was born and grew up in Hertfordshire. And I moved up to Nottinghamshire almost 3 years ago. We lived with my mum in a tiny 2 bedroom bungalow until she died in December 2015. We still live in said tiny bungalow, because we love it. We inherited mum’s cat, dog and ferret. The ferret has since run away, but the dog and cat are still safe! 

I started trying to teach myself to crochet about 5 years ago, and I just couldn’t do it! I chucked my cheap acrylic yarn and bare hook in a craft box and left it for about a year. I actually can’t recall what made me try again, but I did, and it worked that time. I quickly became addicted and found that I was actually quite good at it! I decided to try and make some money from hooking (paha!), and I created a small business called Lemon Yellow Sun (A Pearl Jam reference for you there!). It took off quite well, because I knew a lot of mother’s and they all wanted hats and dream catchers for their kids. But it was hard work and a little soul destroying to sell my makes for such little money (I was definitely under valuing myself). I decided to stop. 

A little further down the line, and a dyer friend of mine kept trying to talk me into dyeing. I got some money for Christmas (about £50) and decided to buy an acid dye kit from DT Crafts (I highly recommend it if you fancy giving it a go). So I dyed a couple of skeins and then I just could not stop thinking about it. I needed to dye again and again and before long, I had about a KG of yarn that needed a home. And so, I started a Facebook page. I chose Lollipop Guild Yarns because my daughter is a massive Wizard Of Oz fan and the Lollipop Guild and Lullaby League munchkins are my favourite characters in the movie. I did have a list of puns, and I very nearly became “Dye Hard”, but having never seen the films, I thought it was a little silly. My tagline has always been “Live Fast, Dye Yarn”, and this is a nod to my dad. He was an old rocker and he used to say “Live Fast, Die Young” (which he did), and it seemed to fit nicely. 

It was hard work getting off the ground, but I’m very social media savvy and with the aid of Facebook and Instagram I found myself with a growing customer base. My advice to anyone who wants to start a small business, you’ve got to put the hours in online otherwise people just won’t know who you are. You can’t rely on simply being stumbled upon. 

It’s getting late (I go to bed pretty early!), and I want to get some knitting in. So I will sign off now and might edit if I think of more things to say. Good night!! X


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