Little Aphrodite

I thought I would share my current WIP with you. 

At the moment I am working on the Little Aphrodite sweater by Marion Crivelli. I’m not massively experienced with knitting (I am far more experienced with crochet), but I’m capable. I’ve made a whole lot of socks, a few shawls, and the odd children’s dress. 

The pattern appears relatively easy at the moment, although I have had to frog it back 14 rows and restarted once because I didn’t like my initial yarn choice. 

I’m using Neon Song by Jo.Knit.Sew (this is the variegated yarn), and a neon green mini from Dye Candy. The pattern lends itself well to mini skeins and a mix of semi solids and variegated…… But in honesty…. I’ve got no idea where I’m going to go from my initial yarn choice (as I don’t have enough of that to cover the whole pattern). I obviously have infinite yarn at my fingertips, so my plan is to dye some mini skeins to split up the Neon Song…. But I haven’t really considered colours other than black! 

I will keep you posted on my progress. I have a habit of leaving WIPs to fester after the first few weeks and then frogging them later down the line. I refuse to do that this time! My small person needs this jumper!! 


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