Proper First Blog Post.

We are currently in week two of our summer holidays, and therefore I obviously have a small person to entertain.

So far, we have; painted pebbles, visited the library, made beaded jewellery, spent a lot of time in the paddling pool, generally crafted and painted….you get the idea!

As a work at home mum (WAHM), it’s fairly difficult for me to balance work and childcare during the holidays. And there’s that extra guilt that I “should” be spending every little bit of time with my child, but I’ve got a mountain of work to do on top of housework.

This time last year, I was caring for my terminally ill mum, as well as everything listed above. And honestly, I have no clue how I managed it! The second half of 2015 is something of a blur to me, but I do know that I wasn’t as busy with work back then, so that possibly contributed. Anyway, I’m not really struggling, just trying to get to grips with having her at home.

Recent news:

I am in a group with other yarn dyers, and a man posted a picture of his prefelted yarn recently (I believe he works in the rug industry). I thought it looked fantastic, so I gave it a go. The man offered his help, but I think I managed it pretty well on my own (I do like to find my own way before admitting defeat!).

I dug out some BFL/cotton flame chunky yarn, which had been sat in a box for months. It’s thick and thin, and I have found that non super wash yarn doesn’t sell as well for me….not to mention the bad reputation that Bluefaced Leicester has with some modern knitters/hookers. So I gave it a new lease of life. It took a lot of work, but I stood scrubbing it and rubbing it, in a ridiculously hot sink of water, until I got too frightened that it would all stitck together!! I then took it to my swift and started winding it on to my niddy noddy, pulling the bits that had stuck together, and rubbing at the less felted areas. Then back in the fish kettle it went, where it was dyed. The whole process was laborious and a bit nerve racking, but I feel it was worth it!

Now, what exactly is the point of prefelted yarn?……Honestly…..I dunno!!! I just liked the look of it! I will let you know what it looks like worked up, as I think I am going to keep it. If it turns out amazing, then I may add some to the shop.

Left is before, right is felted.


All finished!

Now, I have completely been ignoring Outlander, so I must go and pay it some attention. This is my second attempt at enjoying it, as I was a bit “meh” the first time round. And it’s much better than I initially thought. Anyway, thank you for listening to me ramble!!


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